Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Buzzell's Postcards Part 1: Golf Club, Hartford, Conn.

The front of the postcard shows the Golf Club in Hartford, Conn. The card is addressed to Harry Buzzell, Caribou, Maine (my great-uncle) and postmarked Meriden, Conn. Aug 14, 1914. The card was sent by Eunice Buzzell Foster, younger sister of Harry's father, Colby.

"Hello Harry, How are you this summer? Do you and Earl Play baseball and did your Sunday School have there picknic on your hill this summer? We are having a nice cool time here haven't had just a few hot days. Sincerely Aunt Eunie"

Written upside down across the top:
The grounds to the right are beautiful of this building.

Earl is Harry's younger brother who would have been 13 years old at the time. Harry would have been 20 years old.
Their mother Mary was instrumental in starting the First Baptist Church in Woodland, Maine when she was a young woman. The Buzzell farm was on the top of Buzzell Hill and the current church building is built on land that was donated from the farm by Harry's older brother William many years later.