Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding Belles: Myra Sampson Buzzell

Myra Sampson Buzzell was my grandfather's sister. She was the third in the family to get married (the eighth of eleven children) and just 18 years old. The invitation says that the reception was held at the home of my great-grandparents on the Colby Road farm in Woodland, Maine. My grandfather Chester would've been almost 12.
Myra moved away from her Aroostook County home in Maine, first south to Gorham, Maine until the 1920's and eventually to Washington state where her husband Heman worked in the shipyards. She had three sons by the time she was 30 and eventually six grandchildren.
I probably have more pictures of Myra's branch of the family than any other. I guess she sent home a lot of pictures to keep in touch.
They did come back to Maine to visit at least several times as shown by the snapshots of Myra's sons with the relatives. I even remember that they came to visit my grandmother just before she died in the early 70's.
Eventually both Myra and Heman came home for good as they are both buried on top of the hill at the fantastically beautiful Perham Fairview Cemetery a few miles west of my home. The marriage lasted for 53 years.
Mr. and Mrs. Colby O. Buzzell request the honor of your presence at the wedding reception of their daughter Myra Sampson to Mr. Heman Allyn Leonard on Wednesday evening, November fourteen one thousand nine hundred and seventeen from seven until nine o'clock at their home Woodland, Maine
This photo was likely taken as a wedding picture: Myra and Heman Learnard, 1917, Woodland, ME