Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tell Me Thursday: Siblings Sadie and Bill Buzzell

I love yesterday's portrait.
(Tuesday I told the story of Bill Buzzell so today here is some of Sadie's story.)
Yesterday's portrait shows siblings Sadie and Bill Buzzell, two of my grandfather's ten siblings. The photo was taken about 1917 in Woodland, Maine.
Sadie was born in 1895, almost four years after her brother Bill. I have a letter that she wrote to another brother Harry while he was working for the winter in the Florida orange groves with her future husband Mark. From the letters she wrote, she loved to garden and enjoyed watching the birds.
Sadie Buzzell was a Caribou High School Junior Class Exhibition speaker on Thursday April 9, 1914 presenting the selection “Cutting from ‘Evangeline.’” I have a copy of the evening's program that I found in a box of old letters that Sadie's mother kept in her closet from son Harry who was killed in France in World War I in 1918.
The photo to the left is likely her engagement portrait to Mark Randall from about 1919 in Woodland, Maine.
I always think of Sadie as a happy girl. Probably because the photos of her when she was young are so endearing, especially the portraits taken with her husband. Wonder what they were up to in the picture below?

Sadie was a teacher before she married Mark Randall in 1919. They had two sons and eventually moved to southern Maine. Their Golden Anniversay was celebrated in July 1969 with their sons Halston and Harry present.