Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tell Me Thursday: Olga and Her Mother

Yesterday's post was a portrait of my grandmother Olga Susanna Asnabrygg and her mother Greeta about 1922.
Today I have posted another formal portrait of Olga when she was about 20 years old.
Olga was born in Finland in 1904 and at age 10 immigrated with her mother to Boston in 1914. When they arrived in the US, they walked to Maynard, Massachusetts, following the railroad tracks until they found a man who spoke Finnish who helped them. Their first accommodations were in a rooming house with a central bathroom.
There's a lot of confusion about the surname my grandmother used. Her mother apparently opted to use Kangas, a shortened version of her maiden name Leviakangas. Olga apparently was legally bound to the name Asnabrygg as evidenced by her citizenship card from 1941.
Olga's brother Antti "Andrew" Kangas, eleven years older, immigrated a year earlier. I know they found each other presumably in the Maynard area, but the details are unknown to me.
Both Olga and Reeta worked in the woolen mills as weavers.

Olga is said to have postponed her marriage to my grandfather in order to take care of her ailing mother. Olga did marry Alexander Gates in 1929 in Maynard, MA. They had one son and three daughters, including my mother.
Olga died in 1970 and is buried at Hillside Cemetery in Auburn, MA where she lived fo 37 years. Greta died at age 67 in 1930 and is buried with her son's family in Glenwood Cemetery in Maynard, MA.